Fertilizer and Pesticide

Agriculture conference focusses on fertilizer and pesticide. Fertilizers are compounds that are added to plants to promote growth. They are organic and inorganic. The purpose of fertilizers is to supply nutrients, fertility to the soil to satisfy the demand of crops with high yield and compensate the nutrient by harvested crops. Inorganic fertilizers contain simple inorganic chemicals. Fertilizers contain nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Fertilizers help in plant growth, pesticides work as a safeguard against pests. The substance designed for preventing, destroying, repelling or decreasing the damage of pest is a pesticide. Pesticides may be made of a chemical substance or a biological agent such as a virus, bacteria, pest repelling weeds and fish, pest eating insects, birds and mammals. In this section, pesticides refer only to those pesticides that include chemical substances such as phosphamidon, lindane, chlorpyrifos, heptachlor and Malathion. Many pesticides are known to be poisonous to humans. Conservative estimates report 30 to 50% of crop yields are attributed to natural or synthetic commercial fertilizer. The European fertilizer market will grow to earn revenues of approx. €15.3 billion in 2018. Agriculture conference provides an opportunity to researchers and scientists to explore the advanced and latest research developments in the field of Fertilizer and pesticide.

  • Application of fertilizers & pesticides
  • Constraints in biofertilizer technology
  • Microbial inoculant
  • Azolla-Anabena symbiosis
  • Weed Science
  • Biochemical pesticides
  • RNAi pesticides

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